A Cure for Kakai

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A Cure for Kakai

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Kakai's injury

While pursuing its core mission Subird readily reaches out to families and especially children in need.

During a visit to Songlung village during June 2014, the medical team of Aarogya Seva discovered six-year-old Kakai, a Kuki tribal boy, wandering around the village with his badly swollen hand in a sling. He had fallen from a tree several days before while plucking mangoes. On being examined by Dr Daya Prasad, it was found that the child had a double fracture of his hand with infection already setting in. The family was apparently too poor to afford even the transportation costs to the nearest hospital, far less the cost of treatment. The child thus had to bear the excruciating pain without painkillers or treatment as best possible.

Kaiai recovering after surgery. Seen here with his family and Sunbird Managing Director Chris Rego

Kakai and his father were immediately taken to the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) at Imphal where the child was operated. He made a complete recovery in a couple of weeks.