Financial Access to Education : We provide scholarships to underprivileged children through our “Sponsor a Child” scheme. We augment this support by providing nutrition, uniforms and books. Beneficiaries are selected through an application process on a means cum merit basis. We support these children’s education to at least Class 10 subject to a child’s performance.

Physical Access to Schools : We ensure that children from remote areas can attend schools by supporting construction of low cost hostels and arranging transportation for children where there is no public transport available.

Information Access to Opportunities : We provide children and youth access to information concerning education and employment. This is done through Enabling Centres in hub locations equipped with the internet, a library, television and facilitated by local volunteers.

Alumni Support Network : On a selective basis, we sponsor exceptional students up to graduation with emphasis given to all round individuals who have the potential to become future community leaders. Students supported by Sunbird become members of our alumni network. When then graduate they continue to engage with the mission of Sunbird by contributing financially and in-kind.