Our Journey

The sunbird, a lively and energetic creature, is found all over India’s North East – it represents the potential and vibrancy of the people involved with this initiative. The colour yellow represents the spreading of the light of knowledge, education, health and communal harmony. Green symbolizes the states of the North East, their vibrant forests, history and cultures. The wings of the sunbird extend beyond the circle characterizing transcendence of the people over violence, hatred, ignorance and poverty.

Here is how the Sunbird journey started:

2004. The first youngsters from Mizoram are extended interest free loans to pursue their education.

2008. North East Free Loan Scholarship scheme for undergraduate students is formally launched through a non-profit Maria Seva Sangha (MSS), Bangalore

2011. North East India “Sponsor a Child” scheme is launched (also through MSS).

2013. Sunbird begins operations in Nagaland with sponsorship of 25 children in Angangba Village of Tuensang District.

2014. In an endeavour to provide access to education, Sunbird Friendship Hostel is built at Ijeirong Village(Tamenglong District of Manipur) for children of 14 neighbouring villages.

2014. Muvanlai Village Nursery School is built and inaugurated at Muvanlai (Churachandpur District of Manipur).

2014. Sunbird extends Sponsor a Child Scheme to Assam (Majuli Island) for the first time.

2014. Sunbird institutes a basic Nutrition Scheme in Manipur and Assam.

2014. First “Enabling Centre” inaugurated at Ijeirong Village in Manipur. Two Community Halls built under aegis of Assam Rifles at Muirei and Muvanlai.

2014. Sunbird Trust formally registered at Bangalore on 11 Dec 2014