“Self-Help” Children and Nutrition Scheme

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“Self-Help” Children and Nutrition Scheme

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Rations for Self Help Children

A major problem faced by many marginalized families in remote areas is getting access to education for their children. “Villages” are often tiny hamlets of anything between 10 to 50 huts on hilltops or in the forest without a school in sight. Children then have to trek for miles through difficult terrain to reach the nearest school. When distances are very much, these children are forced to stay on “rent” with local families in villages where schools are available. Often, they are given a small place to cook and children as young as 7 years manage almost entirely by themselves. Left with meagre provisions by their families and a little firewood, many of these “self-help” children are often undernourished.

Self Help Kitchen

With good nutrition being vitally important for a good education, Sunbird in 2015 established a basic Nutrition scheme of “An egg a day” or equivalent for vegetarians, thus helping these self-help children attain basic nutrition.