Sponsor A Child Scheme


  1. To provide financial assistance to economically backward families to keep children in school.
  2. To provide children with access to education and a happy childhood
  3. To provide an inter-cultural bridge through enduring mentorship thus winning hearts and minds in insurgency affected areas.
  4. To provide a window of opportunity in later years for NE children to access better educational and job opportunities in other parts of India.
  1. Operation
    1. Partner schools selected on the basis of their service to the neediest and most marginalized.
    2. 25 to 40 children selected for sponsorship based on recommendation of school or from local village council.
    3. Funds remitted half yearly directly to the school.
    4. Sponsorship continued based on performance of the child. Report card of the child sent to the sponsor.
    5. Sponsorship continued up to 10th standard where feasible. Can be extended depending on option of the donor.