Sunbird Nutrition Scheme

With grinding poverty, many children, especially in rural areas of the North East, don’t get even bare minimum nutrition. A common practice for families unable to afford expensive hostels is to place their children on “rent” with villagers where a school is available. These children, some as young as seven years old, live on a “self-help” basis, cooking, washing and studying entirely by themselves or with a sibling. These children often make do with plain rice with a smattering of “chutney”, which is grossly inadequate for their growth and health.

Sunbird launched its Nutrition Scheme in August 2014 at four partner institutions located at Majuli Island (Assam) and Kangchup Songlung, Ijeirong and Churachandpur (all in Manipur.

1.    Objectives
(a)    Provide basic nutrition accretion to underprivileged self-help children
(b)    Act as an incentive for children to come to school

2.    Operation
(a)    Sunbird partners with schools serving the neediest and most marginalized. Children for Nutrition Scheme are selected on basis of recommendation of school or village community.
(b)    Children provided with “an egg a day” or equivalent (if vegetarian),  through the school, village or Women’s Self Help Group
(c)    Monitoring and checks carried out through the Sunbird Team

3.    Features
(a)    Simple in operation, requires no infrastructure
(b)    Easy logistics and operation in remotest areas
(c)    Tailored to choice of the childrenand their parents