Poverty and lack of access to quality education are main reasons that deprive children in North East India of their right to education, development and a happy childhood. It is this lack of education and consequent employability that leads many youngsters to join armed groups or fall prey to drugs and crime. Sunbird attempts to tackle the root causes ensuring they are able to attend school. Join us in reaching out to these marginalized and underprivileged children in a neglected part of India. Every contribution counts!

Child Sponsorship

  • Rs 200 ensures a child is provided with “an egg a day” or equivalent vegetarian diet to supplement the child’s nutrition for a month
  • Rs 300 underwrites the tuition fees for a child for a month
  • Rs 2,200 provides a child with an egg a day or equivalent vegetarian diet for every school day in a year
  • Rs 3,600 ensures a child is able to attend school for a full year (Tuition Fees)
  • Rs 24,000 caters for boarding fees of a child for a year allowing underprivileged children from remote forest and hill villages to attend school
  • Rs 27,600 ensures a child from a remote village is able to both attend school and stay at a hostel near the school for a year (Tuition and Boarding Fees). The child will additionally benefit from mentorship programmes at the hostel.

  • One Time Donation

    This will help us:-

  • Build infrastructure like schools, hostels, toilets and classrooms for the most deserving institutions.
  • Provide amenities like solar lights and clean water
  • Provide educational infrastructure like computers, projectors, library books and teaching aids
  • Provide essential recreational and sports facilities for children

    Donations through Cheques

    Crossed cheques can be made in name of “Sunbird Trust” and sent to the following address: –

    Sunbird Trust, C/O Col. C. J. Rego (Retd),
    23/2 Rest House Crescent, Bangalore – 560001

    (Mobile Number +91-9883101265 to be quoted for courier delivery)

    Donations through Online Payments

    If you wish to make a donation via online transfer, please get in touch with us so that we can send you our bank detalis.

    “All donations to Sunbird Trust are 50% Tax exempt u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961”
  • Remember, Every Donation...

  • Directly benefits an underprivileged child.
  • Allows reallocation of a poor family’s resources to other children and basic necessities like food.
  • Helps pay for salaries of staff at remote village schools.
  • Indirectly impacts the entire community.