Every contribution counts!


Rs 3,300 ensures a child is able to attend school for a full year (Tuition Fees)

Rs 21,000 ensures a child from a remote village is able to both attend school and stay at a hostel near the school for a year (Tuition and Boarding Fees). The child will additionally benefit from mentorship programmes at the hostel.

Rs 2,200 ensures a child is provided with “an egg a day” or equivalent vegetarian diet to supplement the child’s nutrition for a year.

UNRESTRICTED  DONATIONS  will be used to  :

  • Build hostels, toilets and classrooms for the best schools working for  poor communities .
  • Provide amenities like solar lights and clean water for hostels and schools
  • Provide educational infrastructure like computers, projectors, library books and teaching aids
  • Provide essential recreational and sports facilities for children
  • Supports National Integration Camps

Yes, I want to make a difference to an underprivileged child in North East India. My contribution is…

My one time donation is…

My monthly donation is…

All donations to Sunbird are 50% Tax exempt u/s 80G. Sunbird has currently applied for tax concession u/s 80G of the Income Tax. It is expected this will be available shortly.

Remember, every donation:-

  • Directly benefits an underprivileged child.
  • Allows reallocation of a poor family’s resources to other children and basic necessities like food.
  • Helps pay for salaries of staff at remote village schools.
  • Indirectly impacts the entire community.